A Choir Member’s New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, I offer these ten for choir members to consider.  Feel free to add your own to the list.

A Choir Member’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I will listen to my director.
  2. I will be on time for rehearsal.
  3. I will come to rehearsal having studied any assigned spots.
  4. I will bring a pencil to rehearsal and will mark my music as appropriate.
  5. I will transfer (outside of rehearsal) any markings provided in a master score.
  6. I will pay attention to the sound I make and how it fits into the overall ensemble.
  7. I will talk during rehearsal only during approved breaks.
  8. I will silence my mobile device prior to rehearsal, and will refrain from reading or sending e-mails or texts during rehearsal.
  9. I will resolve to learn something of value at each rehearsal.
  10. I will listen to my director (bears repeating).
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  • Greg Picciano

    Excellent way to start a new year of rewarding musical experiences.Can’t wait to get started.
    Happy New Year to MOS!!

  • Tim

    The director from “hell”! How can we possible follow all these rules!

  • Cammie Stephens

    I’d like to add

    11. I will bloom where I am planted.

    If my director assigns me to a voice part other than what I usually sing, or to a standing position that is not what I would choose for myself, I will accept the challenges of these new opportunities. (see #6 and #9 above)


    12. I will be a team player.

    I will remember that, while singing may be a very personal venture to me, choral music is a group activity and I will strive to be a contributing member of that group.

  • RBW

    I will throw spit balls at the ranting director.
    I will point at Allan Kennedy when caught
    I will place pennies on Tommy Alderman’s sound board
    I will hide the directors baton and reading glasses
    I will wear Old Spice to every rehearsal
    I will learn to sing a quarter tone off
    I will eat beans for dinner every Monday night
    I will run very fast when the director reads this

  • Michael

    OK, Richard. Start running!

  • Hal C

    I know this is a bit late, but points 1 and 10 remind me of a joke I heard on Prairie Home Companion:

    Q: How many choir directors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: No one knows because no one was paying attention.

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