A Fortunate Conductor

I was recently the recipient of an enormous gift – an exceptional performance of one of the “epic” choral/instrumental works of the 20th century.  The gift was presented to me by choral singers, vocal soloists, instrumentalists, dancers, tech crew, and many others.  Carmina Burana by Carl Orff is without a doubt a very challenging work to perform successfully, but the people mentioned above accomplished it extremely well!  The entire presentation was one of the most satisfying musical experiences of my career.

One of the main reasons for my high level of satisfaction is the fact that the participants were all so engaged in the performance.   They were also well prepared, having done the necessary rehearsal and personal study to lead them to that point in time.  Still, good preparation doesn’t always result in an outstanding performance, although it certainly is a wondrous thing when it does.

A number of people have asked me what it felt like to conduct such a large number of performers (over 200) in such a monumental work.  I can say it was a tremendous experience.  I felt as if I were the most fortunate person in the room that afternoon, as 200+ people performed at their highest level and allowed me to “ride the wave” of their performance.  It’s what we conductors always hope for, but don’t always receive.  This time I did receive that special gift, and I am very grateful.

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  • Felton Dunn

    Congratulations! Sorry I missed it.

  • Cookie Stokes-Preuss

    Michael, WE are the fortunate ones! Thank you for all the hard work!
    Many blessings,

  • Dan Pfeffer

    Micheal, thank you for your inspiration and leadership every week. It is an honor to share the joy of choral singing with you. Sometimes in a concert or even rehearsal , I just enjoy watching you conducting and absorbing the music. I am reminded what Eric Liddell, the Olympic runner, who long ago said ” When I run, I feel God’s pleasure”, and I pray that you feel the same way when you conduct such glorious music. What more could anyone ever hope to achieve?

  • Richard Phillips

    Thank you for being the inspiration that you are Michael. I found Carmina one of the most challenging pieces I have ever had to learn. But when I did feel I had a good grasp of it, the emotions began to flow in me along with my fellow singers. It was a pure joy to be able to perform this with MOS.

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