Performing a diverse, constantly-changing repertoire, KALEIDOSCOPE is known for its polished presentation of choral selections ranging from Gregorian chant to 20th century compositions; from opera to vocal jazz; and from classical masterworks to African-American spirituals.

Emily Alderman
Andie Ashe
Chelsey Burney
Julie Jones
Jackie Putnam
Tremaine Quarterman
Diane Sitkowski
Johanna Sveden

Ashley Bartholomew
Céline Bell
Matilda Fenton
Connie Heefner
Jeanette Luna
Heather Morse
Polly O’Hara
Cammie Stephens

Clay Hales
Lee Herring
Patrick Maloof
Mike Marcin
Tyler Morris
Dan Pfeffer
Scott Poindexter
Dwayne Wright
Alan Zaring

Clark Connelly
Harry Davis
Tharen Debold
Mitch Gissendaner
Jack McCoy
Gray Plunkett
Glenn Rosenkoetter
Tim Shaw
Matt Villarubia