Performing a diverse, constantly-changing repertoire, KALEIDOSCOPE is known for its polished presentation of choral selections ranging from Gregorian chant to 20th century compositions; from opera to vocal jazz; and from classical masterworks to African-American spirituals.

Kaleidoscope performs A Musical Smorgasbord on February 23, 2020, at 3 p.m., at Alpharetta Presbyterian Church. 

Director: Michael O’Neal
Accompanist: Allen Baston

Tierney Breedlove
Chelsey Burney
Samantha Chambers
Andrea Ferrard
Carissa Maira
Polly O’Hara
Jackie Putnam
Katrina Scoggins
Claudia Zimmermann

Celine Bell
Susan Foster
Connie Heefner
Fonda Lorentz
Heather Morse
Cammie Stephens
Terri Stewart
Megan Waters

Clay Hales
Lee Herring
Charles Lynch
Patrick Maloof
Mike Marcin
Michael Mullins
Ryan Murphy
Scott Poindexter
Joe Steele
Dwayne Wright

David Cameron
Clark Connelly
Tharen Debold
Mitch Gissendaner
Patrick Lundy
Jack McCoy
Gray Plunkett
Alex Rogers
Glenn Rosenkoetter