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The Michael O’Neal Singers, which just completed its 25th Anniversary Season, is about to celebrate the tenth summer of The Michael O’Neal Summer Singers.  Begun as a way to provide singers who could not sing in MOS during the regular season an opportunity to participate in an excellent summer chorus, as well as offer regular MOS members a way to keep their voice in shape during the summer hiatus, The Michael O’Neal Summer Singers became something to which I look forward every year.

This summer we are expecting 194 singers at our first rehearsal, 56 of whom will be joining us for the first time.  There will also be 71 returning Summer Singers, 53 current MOS members, and 14 former MOS members.  We will be performing one of the most popular works of one of the most respected choral composers of the last 50 years – John Rutter.  Rutter’s music is recognized and appreciated for its beautiful melodies, engaging harmonies, and unique rhythmic patterns.  His Requiem is one of his most thoughtful and well-conceived compositions, and is much loved by audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.  The 194 voices of The Michael O’Neal Summer Singers will perform the work with chamber ensemble and organ, and the soprano soloist will be Sherri Seiden, who holds the distinction of being John Rutter’s “most requested” soprano soloist when he guest-conducts at Carnegie Hall.

As we approach our first rehearsal on June 16, I am especially interested in hearing why people want to sing in a summer chorus.  Your comment can specifically relate to our chorus, or any other summer chorus in which you sing or have sung.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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  • Debby Robic

    This is a phenomenal opportunity to participate in a world-class choral performance experience right here in my own “backyard”! Having attended the MOS Irish Traditions and 25th Anniversary Concerts, I am reminded of what a truly exceptional director and dedicated, talented musicians can accomplish… and I want to be a part of it! Can’t wait for the fun to begin this coming Monday. Thank you, Michael O’Neal, for bringing us this golden opportunity!

  • Clay Hales

    Although I sing with regular MOS, it’s inspiring and refreshing for me to make music with new friends each summer (10 years and counting). There’s an electricity in the air every time – a palpable sense of anticipation, as nearly 200 people generally unfamiliar with each other, come together in a few evenings’ work to focus all their attention and abilities on the choral selections of Michael’s choosing. I’m glad I only now have to wait through the weekend for it to start!

  • Marilyn White

    This will be my first experience with the MOS Summer Singers. I have sung (alto) in the Chancel Choir at Decatur First United Methodist for over 30 years, and have attended many RUMC musical programs as well, so I’m very familiar with the quality of concerts you present. Our choir numbers about 40-50 on an average Sunday, and we have performed the Rutter Requiem in the past. It’s one of my favorite works, so I look forward to singing it again with a larger group. Can’t wait to meet all of you tonight!

  • MOS Chorus Member

    Thanks to all for a terrific summer!! I learned a lot (goal 1) and had a lot of fun (goal 2). The bonus was meeting so many fun and interesting people! I look forward to future concerts whether I am singing or not.
    Sean McConnell – Tenor

  • Lee Shelton

    I am 87 years old and live 28 miles away. I sing in other choirs. I am most enamored with the organization and conduct of these rehearsals.

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