Singing for the Love of Singing

The Michael O’Neal Summer Singers recently performed the John Rutter Requiem in a program that also included several other pieces by the same composer.  It was a wonderful performance, filled [...]


July 4th and the Words We Sing

As we approach another July 4th and prepare to celebrate the birth of our United States of America, I am especially aware of the words we sing for this occasion. I just concluded two meaningful [...]


Big Choir Summer Singing

The Michael O’Neal Singers, which just completed its 25th Anniversary Season, is about to celebrate the tenth summer of The Michael O’Neal Summer Singers.  Begun as a way to provide singers who [...]


The Singing Irish!

The Irish are a musical people. The Michael O’Neal Singers will present The Music of Ireland on Friday, March 14, in a program that reflects the musicality of the Irish in a number of ways, [...]


MOS 25th Anniversary Gala

The Michael O’Neal Singers organization is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary Season. This past Saturday we had a special Gala evening that included speakers representing the entire [...]


The Many Colors of Kaleidoscope

It was prior to the 2012-2013 season of The Michael O’Neal Singers that we changed the name of our Chamber Singers to Kaleidoscope. We did this for two primary reasons: one was that we [...]


The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Monday, January 20, we honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was struck down by a sniper’s bullet on April 4, 1968. If he had lived he would be 85, but he was only 39 when [...]


The People’s Messiah

The Messiah sing-along has become a very popular event in many American communities, and especially during the Christmas Season there will be hundreds of these celebrations across our nation. [...]


Thanksgiving Stories in Six Words

This is a “reprint” of a blog I’ve posted several times in recent years during the Thanksgiving season. It has resulted in some absolutely great responses and I wanted to run it [...]


Paul McCartney and Choirs

Paul McCartney is an extraordinary musican. As a member of the Beatles, the most famous rock band of all time, he established himself as both a performer and a songwriter. Guinness World Records [...]