For All the “Extra Milers”

I’ve always been impressed with and appreciative of those persons who give more than is required.   I call them the “extra milers” and they can be found at work, school, play, and most definitely, at choral rehearsals.  At least, that’s where I come in contact with many of my “extra milers.”  I’m lucky to have many committed singers in each of my choruses, but it is specifically the members of The Michael O’Neal Chamber Singers of whom I wish to speak today.  Within the past week and a half, these talented and hard-working vocalists have sung two phenomenal concerts and I am very proud of them.   A requirement for being a Chamber Singer is that he or she must also be a member of the regular MOS chorus, thus necessitating that between the two choirs a large amount of music must be learned!  The Chamber Singers have risen to the challenge and will now concentrate, with their fellow MOS members, on the Irish music to be performed in less than three weeks.

My point in sharing these thoughts is simple.  Primarily, I just want to say a public thank you to my “extra milers,” but I also wish to remind us all that life is relatively short, no matter how many years we have.  Therefore, let’s spend those years (and the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes that comprise them) doing things in which we can ultimately take pride.  So here is a heartfelt expression of gratitude to all of you who try to go the “extra mile.”  Add to that a word of congratulations to all of us (myself included) who have been blessed to have those “extra milers” in our lives.

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  • Clay Hales

    Rather than perceiving the activity as going the extra mile, I suspect many of the Chamber Singers would agree we are extraordinarily fortunate to have the opportunity to extract the extra juice from the fruit.

    With respect to time spent polishing repertoire in various foreign tongues, I figure what my son’s track coach used to say holds true – “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

    Michael, we all know it is you who goes the extra mile, and we are blessed to share these moments in time with you in musical communion.

  • Jean Herndon

    The Michael O’Neal Chamber Singers did, indeed, present a wonderful concert of love songs at the Falany Performing Arts Center on the 11th of February. Now, as a member of the Cherokee Chorale (we also rehearse on Monday evenings), I would like to encourage you and the members of your organization to come to our Spring Concert:
    “An American Choral Sampler”
    March 21st, 2010 – 3:00pm
    JENNY RAWSON, Conductor
    Canton First United Methodist Church
    930 Lower Scott Mill Road, Canton, GA 30115
    (GA Hwy 140 – Houze Rd./Hickory Flat Hwy and I-575)
    MUCH of the music will be very familiar!
    Tickets are only $10 for Adults and $5 for Children (no credit cards). In addition to the ticket options on, l would be glad to deliver tickets to a designated representative if a group of you would like to pre-purchase. I can also arrange “Will Call” if someone would like to send me a list of names.
    Thank you for the gift of music you share with our metro Atlanta community!

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