Honoring Our Veterans

I was born in 1948, at the beginning of the post war baby boom, as so many returning soldiers from World War II were beginning their families. That war was the last conflict in which the USA has been involved where there was almost 100% approval and support from the public. Since then we have found ourselves in a number of conflicts, including wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. While the American public has been unable to unify as a country over the wisdom or approach to these conflicts, one fact is indisputable. We owe an enormous thanks and appreciation to all the men and women (and their families) who have served their country as members of the Armed Forces. The sacrifices made by these individuals can not be fully understood by anyone who has not served in a similar way, but on this Veterans Day, may we all give thanks for these selfless men and women who have given so much for their country and their fellow citizens. Ladies and gentlemen of the Armed Forces, I salute you.

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  • Becky Peterson

    Amen. A huge thanks to those who serve so we all may be free.

  • Allan Kennedy

    My parents lived in a retirement community outside of Washington DC. Prior to my Dad’s death a year ago he was unable to walk or stand. Two years ago, on Veterans Day, The Marine Band in their dress blues, marched into the auditorium in my parents retirment community. As the Marine Band began to play the National Anthem, my Dad, LTC Robert D. Kennedy, rose from his wheel chair and stood at attention during the entire anthem. He never stood up again…. Our veterans are proud men and women that deserve our honor, our thanks and our admiration. I loved my Dad and was honored by his service to our country.
    Thanks Michael, for the blog.

  • Charles Mathers

    WWII was the last war in defense of the nation. Since then veterans have fought to shut down any tyrant’s dream of human domination. Since then, they have fought for all humanity.

  • cstpre@gmail.com

    Michael! Beautifully said! Thank you so much for posting.


    Cookie S. Preuss

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  • Felton Dunn

    Well expressed. The dedication and sacrifice of so many is breathtaking.

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