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MOS ONLINE: Sing Requiems, Sing Alleluias! – A Tribute to Robert Shaw

This winter, MOS offers an ONLINE version of Sing Requiems, Sing Alleluias! – A Tribute to Robert Shaw. Consisting of video recordings of MOS rehearsals from January 22 – March 9, 2024, and a video concert performance experience with soloists and orchestral accompaniment, this program provides participants, wherever they are, the opportunity to rehearse the music along with the in-person MOS ’23-’24 chorus. All registered singers will receive links to the marked scores, audio part-learning aids, and access to a special MOS ONLINE: Sing Requiems! Sing Alleluias! Concert recording. The program also includes “MOS Connects”– periodic live Zoom social times when ONLINE singers can chat, visit, and discuss choral music. The participation fee for MOS ONLINE: Sing Requiems! Sing Alleluias! is $40.

Robert Shaw (April 20, 1916-January 25, 1999) is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in American choral music during the 20th Century; he is remembered for his associations with the Robert Shaw Chorale, Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, and the Robert Shaw Festival Singers. 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of Robert Shaw’s death. The high quality of our finest American choral music today has been shaped, either directly or indirectly, by the legacy left by Robert Shaw. Sing RequiemsSing Alleluias! – A Tribute to Robert Shaw concert will include only music that was composed after Shaw’s death, suggesting how his impact on choral music continues with new music and new performances.

The choral repertoire includes:

Alleluia (Michael John Trotta)
Alleluia (Jacob Narverud)
Requiem for the Living
(Dan Forrest)

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