Post Easter Ruminations

I recently joined Facebook and have especially enjoyed reading the comments that appear to express some of the “inner thoughts” of the contributors.   This seemed especially apparent to me around Easter.  Granted, many of my “Facebook friends” are involved in choral/church music, and therefore it might be expected that Easter would be on their minds, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see how many folks commented on the special quality of Easter and the feelings it evoked in them.   Easter always turns my thoughts to rebirth and new beginnings.  In the midst of all the poignant and glorious music of the season I am reminded that each day is a new day possessing myriad possibilities.

While I promise not to make this a “poetry blog,” I would like to share another of my poems with you.  Although this makes two in a row, I assure you it won’t become a habit!  I wrote this one thinking of the opportunities presented with each new day and I “hear” it as a hymn sung to the tune of THE ASH GROVE.

O Joy of the Dawning

1.  O Joy of the Dawning – God’s Spirit is calling
to all who will worship and greet the new day.
A day full of promise as God dwells within us;
with God’s help we go forth to work and to play.

We go forth in joy; yet in clear understanding
that this joy is absent in some we will meet.
The joy that exists at the core of our being
may still not be known by the strangers we greet.

2.  So what can we do for the strangers in darkness;
the women and men who have yet to see light?
May our lives exhibit the truth of your being;
the truth then perceived will provide them with sight.

Lord, help us to share it – this joy of your presence.
For only in giving will we then receive
the Joy of the Dawning – with your spirit calling
is given to each who will choose to believe.

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  • Larry Eglen

    Michael, I appreciate your thoughts and writings almost as much as your conducting, but the article concerning the “Genius” concert was right on! The audience was into every measure of the music, which was amazing to me. I looked around during the concert and it was a very surreal sight. It appeared that most had transported themselves into the midst of a concert hall to hear the genius of Mozart and Haydn. Anyway, you are to be congratulated. MOS is a treasure for all of us.


  • Cookie Preuss

    Beautiful! Last verse says it so well. You will probably hear this one as a devotional!

    What gifts God has given you! How fortunate I am to know you as I do.


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