Amazing Grace: Bluegrass, Spirituals, and Gospel


In a live concert performance on October 18, 2015, The Michael O’Neal Singers paid tribute to three uniquely American song genres. The sounds of Bluegrass, African-American Spirituals, and Gospel included on this recording will have you clapping your hands and tapping your toes as you experience this lively outpouring of joy expressed through the singing of the full 155-voice MOS chorus, soloists, and bluegrass and gospel instrumentalists.



(1.) O Come, Angel Band [3:37] Traditional; arr. John Darnall
(2.) Working on a Building [2:51] Traditional; arr. John Darnall
(3.) Amazing Grace [3:06]  Traditional; arr. John Darnall
(4.) Talk About Suffering [2:44] Traditional; arr. John Darnall
(5.) Green Pastures [4:16] Traditional; arr. John Darnall
(6.) Swing Down, Chariot [2:54] Traditional; arr. John Darnall
(7.) Ain’t That Good News  [2:16] Traditional Spiritual; arr. Moses Hogan
Michael O’Neal, Soloist; John LaForge, Conductor
(8.) I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray [3:01] Traditional Spiritual; arr. Moses Hogan
Susan Gary Landry, Soloist
(9.) The Battle of Jericho [2:27] Traditional Spiritual; arr. Moses Hogan
(10.) I Know the Lord’s Laid His Hands on Me [2:26] Traditional Spiritual; arr. Moses Hogan
Emily Alderman, Soloist
(11.) My Soul’s Been Anchored [3:24] Traditional Spiritual; arr. Moses Hogan
(12.) True Light [4:18] Keith Hampton
John LaForge, Soloist
(13.) Worthy To Be Praised [6:04] Byron J. Smith
(14.) My God Is an Awesome God  [5:00]Keith Hampton
Lesley Price, Soloist; Tom Alderman, Organ; Allen Baston, Piano
(15.) Praise His Holy Name  [3:48] Keith Hampton
(16.) He Never Failed Me Yet  [6:08] Robert Ray
Chelsea Burney and John LaForge, Soloists

Directed by Michael O’Neal

Tim Alderman, Piano
Tim Higgins, Fiddle
Harris Kendrick, Mandolin
Jody Worrell, Guitar
Andy Martin, Bass
John LaForge, Tambourine

Recorded live in concert on October 18, 2015 at Roswell United Methodist Church, Roswell, Georgia.
Recording Engineer/Editor: Carey Carlan


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