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I recently wrote a blog about singing with an aging voice, and I suggested several things older singers could do to keep their singing voices at a level where they could continue to participate in choirs.   I would like to revisit the subject today and say that one of the great joys in my life is directing an older adult choir at Roswell United Methodist Church.   The name of the group is the PrimeTime Singers and it has over fifty members, ranging in age from 60-92.  The joy this group brings to me is certainly musical, but that is not all.  More than any other group I conduct, this ensemble seems to be filled with the sheer exhilaration that can come from singing.   The members of this choir remind me in many ways on a weekly basis that it is fun and rewarding to sing, and they appreciate the joy and satisfaction their music gives to others, as well to themselves.    I can remember when I began this group more than five years ago that I was concerned how I would fit it into an already very busy schedule.   Now, it is difficult to imagine my life without the opportunity to work with these  amazing men and women.   Long live senior choirs!  May they grow and prosper.

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  • Dorothy Clark

    What a marvelous article, Mike, and I can really relate to the joy of working with seniors. My entire church choir is over 60, with about half being over 70! They bring decades of choral experience to the rehearsals, which are light and laughter-filled. At this point in my life I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thanks for the wonderful article!

  • Larry Eglen

    Thank you for your kind and insightful remarks about the Prime Time Singers. I truly enjoy being a part of this organization. The wisdom, experiences and friendships are a lasting reminder that we as a people can endure and appreciate one another even though our backgrounds are so diverse….and diverse we are! And…..what has brought us together? Music and the love of singing. No wonder God rejoices when he hears us using instruments that are gifts so incredible that we never outlive the capacity to use them.

    Thanks Michael…I know your feelings are heartfelt and true!


  • John Harper

    Thank you Michael for your kind words concerning the PrimeTime Singers at RUMC. I must say that we are so indebted to you, and also to Tom Alderman, for the time and effort put forth on our behalf. We all look forward to our Wednesday morning rehearsals which are filled with joy, music, laughter, and spiritual renewal.
    Thank you again. You are a very special person to all of us. May God continue to Bless You.


  • Gail Earman

    Thank you Michael for your words of encouragement, heartfelt feelings and inspiration to all of us who thought that maybe we had reached the age of being to old to be able to do what we love the most – singing. I always enjoyed Sanctuary Choir, but I have to say Prime TIme Singers means so much more to me. It is a true feeling of belonging and connecting with people all with the same common interest and love, you and music! We can never thank you enough for all the hard and tireless work you give to all your groups, but especially to ours. My sincere appreciation to you and to Tom.

  • Cookie Stokes_Preuss

    Maestro! Your last three sentences says it all in reverse or as our younger people will say “back atcha”!

    The PTS under your direction and with the able assistance from your department (always and with a smile) has given new meaning of life and living to all of us who have taken advantage of participating in the Senior Choir of RUMC.

    Attending your MOS performances and watching you and Tom in action while listening to the “pros” gives me such great pride and thanksgiving that our group is also having the great privilege of working under you>

    Our lives are truly blessed!
    Cookie S Preuss

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