Thanksgiving in Six Words

You may have heard of the “six word story” idea that has been floating around the internet and college writing classes for some time.  The goal is to come up with a phrase that describes in exactly six words a person’s thoughts on a particular subject.  The concept is believed to have started with the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, who accepted a challenge to write a short story in six words.  His response was this – For sale: baby shoes, never worn.  Of course, few persons would be able to come up with such a thought provoking six word story as the one produced by Hemingway.  Still, it is a fascinating exercise and a good way to refine and distill our ideas on a specific theme. 

The Thanksgiving Holiday seems to me to be a good subject for a “six word story.”   I encourage the readers of this blog to come up with some examples that express what Thanksgiving means to them.  I’ll get you started with two of my own.  I love eating at any time (big surprise), but especially at Thanksgiving, so I came up with Favorite meal – turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie.  Another one hints at the busy rehearsal and performance schedule that awaits musicians after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Last rest before rush of December. 

This should get you started.  I look forward to hearing your “six word stories.”

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  • Clay Hales

    Gratitude for fond memories and blessings.

  • Carol Kerr

    Mom’s sausage stuffing. Mmmmm! Yes, indeed.

  • Karen Lupton

    Long drive, family feasting, long drive.

  • Charlie Mathers

    Family, friends, foes; all are treasured!

  • Cammie Stephens

    Realize burdens few; blessings abundant. Grateful!

  • Glenn Rosenkoetter

    Remember those that protect our freedom.

  • Clayton Watson

    Greatfulness and humbled for the Lord!

  • Larry Armstrong

    T Thanksgiving
    H Harvest
    A Abundance
    N Napkin
    K Kburp!
    S ‘Scuse-me

  • Claire

    New friends, measle blankets…Indian givers.

  • Jill Terrell

    Thankful for God’s love and blessings.

  • John Cayce

    Thank God for blessings and family

  • Kay Mock

    Day after, avoid all bathroom scales

  • Barbara Bate

    Family greeting. Overeating. Pass the Tums!!!

  • Allan Kennedy

    Warm hearts, Warm hearths, Nothing Better!

  • Charlie Mathers

    God given life, now God taken.

  • Michael Welch

    Thanksgiving, a great holiday for cows!

  • Virginia Thomason

    Home, family, friends, feasting, thankful, naptime

  • Dwayne Wright

    Thankful always, not only at Thanksgiving!

  • Nancy Horton

    Ten People, small house, lots’a LOVE!!

  • Dan McDaniel

    Both company and turkey were juicy!

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