The Illusion of Perfection

Believe it or not, my blog entry today is not about choral music.  While it may surprise some of you, I do actually have thoughts in my head other than singing!  In these days of economic concern I have been especially interested in whether our society might begin to reevaluate what really “matters” in life.  I’ve been encouraged by some signs that this may be taking place, but it seems we are still a people consumed with the acquisition of “things” and the importance of “status.”  I recently came across a poem I wrote over twenty years ago.  It still expresses essentially what I believe.

The Illusion of Perfection

The Illusion of Perfection
Lures seductively each day,
As it’s viewed upon our TV screens
And through the words they say.

We are told that thin is beautiful,
And that teeth are pearly white,
That expensive homes and fancy cars
Are the choices that are right.

And slowly, but increasingly
We see success as all of these,
And we somehow think fulfillment
Is a perfect life of ease.

Yet the real perfection we should seek
Isn’t found in outward signs.
Though the world may tell us different
The search begins within our minds.

We must learn to tell the difference
In what is real and what is not.
We must realize a person’s worth
Isn’t tied to what he’s got.

Then we’ll know that true perfection
Is impossible to find.
It exists not on this earthly plane,
But only in God’s mind.

Let us strive to know that perfect mind
And live the way we should,
So the Illusion of Perfection
Will be finally understood.

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  • Dorothy Clark

    Amen. A beautiful truth.

  • Deb in Atlanta

    I’m so much more your daughter than I think you can comprehend. I do not remember this poem of yours, but I recognize you in the words. Thank you.

  • Molly Darden

    Right you are, Mike; we’re living in the new age of retro, as my granddaughter says, and we’re beginning to realize what life really should be about. The younger generation are fortunate that geezers like Stan and me are around to teach them the ropes!

    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Molly Darden

    You’re not a geezer yet, but you are an old soul.

  • Allan Kennedy

    The older I get, the more I realize that pefection can be attained if you know where to look. Perfection is found in the simple things, a hug from one of my sons, a well sung chord, a crisp fall morning or sitting on the beach. We spend so much time trying to reach perfection that we go right on by it. What a shame…….

  • Olga Espinola

    As a PERFECTIONIST from birth , I struggle all the time with this issue in my own life. How eloquently Michael’s poem reminds us that perfection is not to be found in material expression but rather in the beauty and wonder of our inner selves and the expressions of god all around us.

    For me, it has never been about looks, but always has been about doing the right thing and being the best that I can be at whatever skill I undertake to master. My mistake has been to think that my best may not be perfect even though it might be the best I can give.

    As Mr. Shaw once put it to the ASO chorus while preparing for a performance of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis (and I paraphrase, of course),
    “We can never make it perfect. WE can only build brick by brick, note by note, syllable by syllable, the best rendition we can build. …”

    The joy comes from the knowledge that you have given your best. That is the closest to perfection we can ever achieve.

    Other than this, consider the perfection of a sequoia tree, a rose in fullest bloom, a night sky with a full moon shining down on a still forest, a humped-back whale breaching or singing, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Mozart’s or Brahms’s Requiem … I could go on … these are all expressions of the wonder of perfection for me.

  • Cookie Preuss

    You write’em dear one – I’ll read and memorize them!
    Thanks for the addition to my file!
    Blessings as always

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