The Many Colors of Kaleidoscope

It was prior to the 2012-2013 season of The Michael O’Neal Singers that we changed the name of our Chamber Singers to Kaleidoscope. We did this for two primary reasons: one was that we realized the term “chamber” gave a potential mistaken impression to our potential audience members about the type of music they might expect to hear at one of our concerts. For many people, “chamber” suggests something primarily “classical” in nature, and while our Chamber Singers certainly performed that style of music, it was only one of many styles represented at a typical concert. That, in fact, is what led us to our new name. The word “kaleidoscope” has been defined as “a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements.” We realized our concerts generally offer many different types of music, often changing quickly from one style to another, and hence our new name “Kaleidoscope” was born.

Kaleidoscope’s upcoming concert, “Night & Day: Time Pieces,” is a perfect example of the above description. Countless poets and composers have used time as inspiration for their pieces and in this concert we will span styles and centuries in an exploration of this subject that is so important to us all. From a tribute to the beauty of dawn as expressed in Claude Monteverdi’s “Ecco mormorar l’onde” to Eric Whitacre’s thoughts about nighttime in his sublime setting of “Water Night,” and with many other pieces in between, the classic style of choral music will be fully represented. But the world of popular music will also be featured, including Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Music of the Night,” Leonard Bernstein’s “Tonight,” and, of course, Cole Porter’s “Night and Day.”

They’ll be other musical surprises in this concert by the excellent voices and talents of Kaleidoscope. It all happens at 3 PM on Sunday, February 9, at Alpharetta Presbyterian Church. I hope to see you there!

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