This Little Light of Mine

An unexpected death recently took a valued member of MOS.  John Moss had sung in our Bass II section since 2005, and his warm personality, gentle spirit and fine voice will be sorely missed by all of us.  Still, I am thankful for the years he was a part of our collective song.  I am reminded that each singer adds his or her personal contribution to a chorus, and we are somehow diminished when that voice is absent.  In John’s memory, I would like to share a poem I wrote several years ago about how we each can let our own light shine.

Let It Shine

“This little light of mine –
I’m gonna let it shine.”

These simple words learned years ago
live in my heart today.
May they be seen in what I do
and heard in what I say.

The beauty and humility
expressed in that brief phrase
remind me even one lone soul
can brighten life’s dark haze.

And though there may be some who doubt
and question what I say,
I know that even my small flame
may light another’s way.

So each day I will let it shine –
this little, steady, light of mine –
and pray someone may catch its ray
to pass it on another day.

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  • Cheryl Lower

    I am so sorry to read about the sudden loss of one of your members, Michael. All of us in the Atlanta choral community are more like family than colleagues, and we share in mourning John’s passing. Our deepest sympathies to all in the MOS.

    Cheryl Lower, Co-Founder & Executive Director
    The Atlanta Singers

  • Michael

    Thanks for your words of support. You are so correct about the family nature of our choral relationships.

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